Sam Sykes Signing Tomorrow and Angry Robot Moves to Osprey Books

11 May

Hey everyone, hope you’re all well and happy and are reading awesome books. 🙂 I’ll launch right into the news:

Sam Sykes, the debut Harper Voyager author of the excellent (reading it at the moment) Tome of the Undergates, will be at The Poisoned Pen at Scotdale (don’t ask me where it is, I haven’t a clue!). 🙂 Tomorrow will also be his birthday, so if you are close to Scotdale’s The Poisoned Pen, get yourself a copy of the Tome and get it signed by Sam – I’m pretty sure that a great turnout will be an awesome birthday present for him. 🙂

To get more details about the event, click this link; it’ll take you through to The Poisoned Pen’s event page for Sam’s appearance. 🙂

Next up, and certainly the big news of the day, Angry Robot Books is no longer an imprint of Harper Voyager.

Angry Robot, those masters of SF/F/WTF will now be running as an independent publishing imprint with the full backing of Osprey Publishing. 🙂 For the low-down and full details, check out the press release over at Angry Robot, and to see how this move is going to impact the Angry Robot list, click here.

I have to say I was very surprised by this, and there will probably be a lot of rumours flying as to what led to the move, but I’m not worried; with Marco and Lee still at the helm, there’s no way the quality and quantity will be changing. I say, Expect Even Bigger from Angry Robot! 🙂

Until tomorrow,


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