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Review: The Pilgrims (Book 1 of The Pendulum Trilogy) by Will Elliott

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I’m not a big fan of Portal Fantasy, so when I was given “The Pilgrims” to read the only reason I read it was because it was published by Jo Fletcher Books (I still have to read a book form them I didn’t like).

The story focuses on Eric Albright and his friend, Stuart Casey, who both see a red door in the midst of graffiti – and when people come out of it they know the door opens to another world. Styling themselves protectors, they guard the door for over a week and nothing happens. Just when they doubt their sanity, Eric on his way to a job interview, hears someone calling for help. He realizes that it’s coming from the other side of the door, leaves a note in the dirt for Steward, and enters this new world. Later that same day Stuart finds the message and enters a few hour after Eric.

Will is a born storyteller, as the whole book flows. It moves naturally. I enjoyed ever second of the book and really didn’t want to put it down. I liked the pace of the story and you really feel like someone is playing chess with the characters, as they fail to be moved, sometimes, or make choices that are out of character. Some of the things that bothered me about Portal Fantasy are here, too, but Will uses these things as ‘comic’ relief (I am Batman).

He also focuses on the new world a lot more – other portal stories focus on our world a lot and I don’t like it, because I live here and want to know about the other places. This story has dragons and Gods and naked women with white angel wings – what more could a guy ask for? 🙂 The concept of the dragon scales, especially, I found intriguing. Reminds me of tribes eating the heart of enemies for courage or the brain for wisdom.

The world is beautifully realized and scary as hell, and so strange sometimes, just what we want. The plot evolves beyond what you think and at the end you know that the next one will blow you away. I won’t say this made me a fan of Portal Fantasy, but it definitely made me a fan of Will Elliott.



To order your copies of “The Pilgrims“, check out the novel’s page at Jo Fletcher Books, or click the following links: Amazon US, Amazon UK, Book Depository, Exclusive Books.

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