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Updates and a discovery

Hey Guys and Girls, here’s my discovery: Steph Swainston. Okay, I know that many of you will have heard of her and will have read her novels, but I received a copy of The Modern World in the post last week and have been reading it ever since! I’ve never been clouted over the head with such a tense opening chapter, and even though this is the third book in her series, I’m not finding it difficult to get into. So, if you see the unassuming paperback of The Modern World on a shelf, buy it, because it’s been waiting for you to discover it, too. 🙂

Okay, onto other updates:

The Fan-Made Malazan Audio Book; as I said in a previous post, I’ve gotten permission from Transworld to record and publish a ten-minute excerpt of Steven Erikson’s Gardens of the Moon. I’ve finished the recording, and my friend, Remy, had also finished his recording. I’m going to be waiting until early next year to post it, though, because I’ve gone over the ten-minute limit by a minute and a half, and since normal people (;-)) get to have a break over the holidays, I’ll need to wait until Jan to find out if I can go ahead and post the longer excerpt or if I have to cut it down – or record a different section. Remy and I are in contact and sharing thoughts about it, so we’ll have a back-up ready if Transworld says that he have to stick to the ten-minute excerpt. But as soon as I get any news, I’ll let you all know. 🙂

What else I’m reading; other than The Modern World, I’m also reading The Crown Conspiracy by Michael Sullivan, and Graywalker by Bruce Skye (who are also both on Wonderlands). And I’m making my way through C.C.
Humphreys’ Vlad: The Last Confession, which will be available in Feb ’09. After reading Twelve, I was in the mood for more vampires! 🙂 And last but not least, I’m reading the short story ‘Challenging Lessons’ by Tracy Falbe. I’ll have those reviews for you soon. 🙂

I’ve also read something else that I can’t talk about yet – sworn to secrecy and all that, but I might just drop a few hints in future posts. 🙂 Suffice it to say that what I’ve read will definitely be one of the top Fantasy titles of 2009! 🙂

Also, head on over to Robert V.S. Redick’s site and download the first chapter of The Red Wolf Conspiracy – trust me, after reading that except, you’ll want the whole book! 🙂

I’ve also received more books from Jonathan Ball Publishers (a local South African publisher), and I’ll be posting the photos of the books they sent to me later today (my ‘this evening’).

Okay, that’s about it! 🙂

Be Fantastic!


Forgot to mention that I’ve hit 12500 words on the first draft of my Epic Fantasy novel – will be blasting past 13000 words tonight! 🙂

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