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Release Days and Competitions

Hey everyone, March is an absolutely *massive* month for SFF!

First up, The Wise Man’s Fear by Patrick Rothfuss has been released – I saw it on the shelf in Australia while I was there and it looks like a gorgeous monster of a book to read; couldn’t afford a copy, though, not in Australian Dollars! I’ll definitely be reading it as soon as I get my hands on a copy, though – it’s been too long since I’ve enjoyed Kvothe’s company. 🙂 It’s not available in SA *just yet* but should be arriving early in April; I’ll let you SA fans know as soon as it does. 🙂

Second March-release of note (which I’ve reviewed here) is Lily Herne’s Deadlands – zombies, kickass action and awesome characters that is proudly South African. 🙂

Next up (and will definitely be picking up a copy as soon as it arrives in SA), Peter V Brett’s The Desert Spear is now available in paperback! 🙂 Suvudu’s got a post up to celebrate the release and is also hosting a competition, and Peat is also hosting a new contest – check out all the details and much, much more here. 🙂 Massive congrats to Peat!

Another release that’s been getting *plenty* of attention is The Crippled God (as was expected, eh?). It’s been out for a while in the US and UK but hasn’t reached South Africa just yet – will let you know as soon as it arrives. 🙂 I’ll have to wait a while before I get to it, since I’m re-reading the series (at Memories of Ice now), but I’m really looking forward to it.

Another release which I’m really looking forward to is Paul S Kemp’s Star Wars The Old Republic novel, Deceived. I’m really hoping that my copy will arrive soon (please hold thumbs for me)! Paul is hosting a giveaway for 2 copies of the audiobook, read by the awesome Marc Thompson – check out the details here. 🙂

One last release-day celebration – Seanan McGuire’s fourth(!!!) October Daye novel, Late Eclipses was available as of the 1st of March! 🙂 Massive congrats to Seanan – I haven’t yet had a chance to finish A Local Habitation but that’s on my to-do list and will be happening soon. 🙂 Congrats, Seanan! 🙂

That’s it for now – check back tomorrow for some news regarding a new interview with Steven Erikson. 🙂


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Launch Day – A Local Habitation by Seanan McGuire

Ladies and Gents, Tobey Daye is back! 🙂

A Local Habitation is the second book in the October Daye series from Seanan McGuire, featuring October ‘Tobey’ Daye, one of the most interesting characters in fiction, not to mention Urban Fantasy. 🙂 I was lucky enough to have received the first Tobey Daye novel, Rosemary and Rue (reviewed here) from Seanan 🙂 and yesterday my copy of A Local Habitation arrived (also from Seanan) so I’ll be reviewing it soon. 🙂

Why read Rosemary and Rue, and A Local Habitation? Tobey is such a cool character (being a Changling and a Private Investigator-type), for one, and the world that she reveals to us (San Fransisco and the worlds of the Fae) is fantastically realized! If you’re looking for an excellent mystery, very cool magic, fantastic creatures and a heroine to admire and cheer, then A Local Habitation and Seanan McGuire is just the thing for you! 🙂

Order your copies here, and for those in the UK, the book will be available on the 8th of April, so pre-order your copies here. 🙂 For those of you in South Africa, head over to your closest Exclusive Books and, if they’re struggling to find the book to order it, give them this info: ISBN 978075640596 and tell them they can order it from Ingrams. 🙂 Here are the details for Rosemary and Rue for you, too: ISBN 9780756405717 also from Ingrams. 🙂

For those lucky enough to be in the US, Seanan will be touring to promote the book, so head over to her website and check out where she’ll be appearing. 🙂

A Local Habitation will be followed up with An Artificial Night in September of this year (2010 already, in case you’re a bit behind ;-)), and here’s the great cover (all three covers have been done by Chris McGrath – I hope he does them all! :-)):

Congrats to Seanan on Launch Day! 🙂


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Review: October Daye Bk 1 – Rosemary & Rue by Seanan McGuire

I promised Seanan that this review would be up before today (the 1st) but internet providers are (most of the time) such a pain and work to their own convoluted and useless schedules (no surprise there, I s’pose) that I’m only now getting to post the review – sorry Seanan!

Anyway, here we go:

As Urban Fantasy goes, Seanan has crafted a fun, intense and inventive read that’s sure to have you flipping through the pages until the wayyy early hours – you might even set the book down and then wonder why you’re hearing the early worm-catching birds! 🙂

Rosemary & Rue introduces the witty, wounded and brave Changeling, October ‘Toby’ Daye. She has the blood of mankind and faerie running through her, and as far as magic goes, can perform enough to get by. At the novel’s start, Toby is a PI; if there are cases that need solving in the worlds of the faerie, Toby takes them, and it is during such a case that something happens – and when this ‘something’ finally wears off, Toby’s entire life has changed. And try as she might, she can’t disappear and lead a safe life. Faerie has a way of pulling you back in, no matter what you want…

Reading this novel is a sure way to be submerged in the coolest faerie culture you never knew existed. 🙂 As Seanan weaves her tale she also effortlessly teaches us about knowes, Kelpies, the many different kinds of faerie and their complex society and relationship with each other, as well as a beautifully rendered cityscape that even natives of San Fransisco might find surprising. As worldbuilding goes, it doesn’t get much better than this! 🙂 Not only does Seanan give us a great introduction to the world she’s built for Toby and all the other characters to inhabit, but she does it without making us feel as if we’re being force-fed the information – everything slips through as easily as Tybalt into shadows 😉 and before you know it, you’re aching for more! I sure as hell can’t wait to find out more about Toby’s world, including the Summerlands! 🙂

Character-wise, Seanan has created (or given freedom to) a great new heroine that stands her ground when put against many other female leads in any kind of speculative fiction. Toby is capable, sometimes reckless, a sure bet when you’re in a tight spot, and justy about as grumpy as anyone would be if they were to suddenly find themselves in her situation. 🙂 This realism lends even more strength to Seanan’s world, so much so that one of the creatures (roses, that’s all I’ll say) is really cool and not at all something that doesn’t fit. Traveling around the city with Toby, meeting the people (and Faerie) she knows, and learning more about who she is and where she comes from is like getting to know a really cool, mysterious person, the kind that everyone’s eyes are instinctively drawn to (but don’t worry, Toby’s got the magic to deal with inquisitive gazes). 🙂

Action-wise, I’ll say only this – Seanan puts Toby through hell!! Man, I hope I never have a day like that! 🙂

One thing I would like to have found out more about is the magic used by the Faerie – the hints and descriptions throughout the novel really made me curious as to how the magic works, where it comes from, etc but then again, I kinda think that’s just my I-read-plenty-of-epic-fantasy fetish coming through. 🙂

After reading Rosemary & Rue, I’m definitely a fan of Seanan and Toby, and I can’t wait to read the next two books (A Local Habitation in coming March 2010 & An Artificial Night coming September 2010)! 🙂

If you like your faeries to be cool and city-smart and your tales intelligent and fast-paced, you will probably enjoy this book! 🙂 Being a newbie to Urban Fantasy myself, I can say that I loved this book and am growing a real fondness for the genre, of which Rosemary & Rue is a great example! 🙂


For those in the US, get to your closest coolest bookshop ASAP or order your copy here; those in the UK can pre-order their copies here, and those in South Africa can pre-order their copies from Kalahari. 🙂


For more info on Seanan, check out her cool web-home here! 🙂


P.S. Thanks for the copy, Seanan! Loved it!

P.P.S. Saw this and just had to post it – the cover art to A Local Habitation!



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