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Hunting Season by Dean Vincent Carter – Review

Review done by David.

Hey there guys and girls, I’m back with another review for you. This time it’s a bit of an older book, 2007. Dean Vincent Carter’s Hunting Season, his second book. I decided on reading the second one before I read his new novel Blood Water which came out in June, just to gain a bit of background about the author.

Now Hunting Season was really a joy to read, it was fun, fast passed and interesting, it brought back fond memories of when I first turned into a book worm.

Hunting Season Cover

Eight years ago Gerontius lost his parents to a terrifying accident; it was not so much the car crash that scared him but the image of the terrible beast ripping away at his parents. And now it seems the beast is back.

Three men are followed into an abandoned theater but only one comes out alive, now Mason and Gerontius are hunted by the same creature, around every corner and down every street, they can’t seem to lose it.

But there is a bigger mystery to be discovered once the creature shifts back into its human form.

Now then, like I said this was a fun read, but not an intense read. If you want a fast paced, quick read that you don’t have to get overly involved in, then this is the book.

As I have said before, this is the type of book I love to read in between two serious, mind-numbing novels. It allows you to rest you brain from all the intensity and instead just takes you on a ride without having to keep track of every detail.

This book is definitely suited for the younger audience, not quite on the Stephen King level yet, somewhere in between Goosebumps and Mr King’s fright-feasts.

The characters are very simple; they are introduced at the start of the book and then left to run from the creature for the rest of the story. But to be honest, the whole story takes place during one night so there is no time to develop the characters or going into there pasts, apart form the occasional flashback Gerontius has about the accident.

The storyline is fast paced, starting almost immediately. The characters are set in the first three chapters and then the story gets on its way. There is no wasting time with an over abundance of detail and facts about the characters.

There are a few gory scenes in the book but, once more, its nothing too serious and nowhere near Mr King’s level of gore.

This is definitely a good read for any teen or young adult, or if you just want to take a Sunday break and relax with a book that will not ask every ounce of brain power you have to follow.

I will give this book a 6/10, it’s a good book, but I doubt I will remember it a year from now.

If you want to learn more about Dean then you can visit his home page here. And do yourself the favour, go check it out. It is a really cool site with lots of fun stuff to read. Fun facts about werewolf’s, and some cool web fiction The Chronicles of the Ganges Red, and The Sickness.

Also look out for Dean’s new book that just got released last month, Blood Water.
Blood Water Cover

Order your copy of Hunting Season here (for South Africans), here (for those from the UK), and here (for those from the US).

Well that is all I have for you in this session.

Enjoy your reading.


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