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John Jarrold’s Corner: Two Client Deals with Solaris

Hey everyone, hope your Thursday has been awesome so far!

I’ve got two lots of great news from John Jarrold, both new deals with Solaris Books!

Here’s the first:


28th April 2010
Oxford, UK:

Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired a new Science-Fiction (SF) novel from Eric Brown, KINGS OF ETERNITY. The agent is John Jarrold, and the deal is for UK/US rights. The book is due for publication in the spring of 2011.

“Eric has been one of the world’s most consistent – and consistently enjoyable – SF novelists for over two decades,” said John Jarrold. “He has a very happy home with Solaris and this marks his eighth book with them.”

Jonathan Oliver said: “It’s a great pleasure to be continuing to work with Eric, who is one of the shining stars of science-fiction. I’m very excited about Kings of Eternity, as it is just one of the best SF novels I’ve read in the past ten years. A truly extraordinary book.”

I’ve yet to read Eric Brown’s work, but he is highly recommended by plenty of readers, so hopefully I get time to get caught up. 🙂 Great news for SF, Eric and Solaris!

Next up, get ready to meet Desdaemona:


28th April 2010
Oxford, UK:

Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books, has acquired the opening volume -Desdaemona- of a fascinating urban fantasy series from pseudonymous author ‘Ben Macallan’.

Jay finds people – runaways. He looks like a teenager, but he’s not. He treads the line between mundane reality and the world of the supernatural, including the awesome Powers That Be. Desdaemona, who also knows the non-human world far too well, comes to him, searching for her lost sister Fay who did a Very Bad Thing involving an immortal before disappearing. This may be a mistake – for both of them. Not least because of those whose attention is drawn to them…

“Ben’s urban fantasy novel is wise, witty and terrific fun,” Jonathan Oliver said. “It’s great to find a work that does something different with the genre while still managing to be a ripping good yarn.”

The agent is John Jarrold, and the deal is for UK/US rights. The book is due for publication in the summer of 2011.

I’m definitely curious about the book, and about just who this ‘Ben Macallan’ is… 🙂 James Frey? 😉

Great news for all of us – more books to keep and eye out for and read! 🙂



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New Novels in-Coming!

This news was originally posted over at Realms & Galaxies: Celebrating SFF on the 25th of November 2009.

News from TOR (thanks to Chloe Healy) and John Jarrold!

Some great news for all you Hard-SF / Space Opera lovers out there (like me): Gary Gibson (who’s Nova War should be on shelves everywhere, so get on Exclusive Books’ case if it isn’t) has signed with TOR for three more novels! 🙂

“Gibson has already begun work on the first book in the new contract, the working title of which is Final Days. The second will be a sequel and the third a standalone novel set in the same world as The Shoal Sequence, the second book of which, Nova War, has just been published to rave reviews.”

Julie Crisp (Mark C Newton’s editor, too) says of Gibson and the incoming novels: “Gary is easily considered one of the up-and-coming stars of, not only the Tor UK list, but space opera in general and is constantly aligned with Alastair Reynolds, Peter F Hamilton and Neal Asher as a leading name in British hard SF. So I’m thrilled to continue working with him on his very exciting books.”

What does gary have to say about the news? Taken from his blog, “I just got an offer for Tor for three new books, starting with Final Days, which I’ve blogged about in the past. The other two books are a sequel to Final Days, called The Thousand Emperors, and Core (very much a working title), a standalone story set in the same world as Stealing Light and its sequels. Off to a restaurant to celebrate.”

Awesome news! I’ll have to get my ass in gear and get some Gibson’s under the belt! 🙂 As I’ve said, Nova War is already available in SA, and I’ll keep you updated on the paperback-release date, as well as release dates for Final Days, The Thousand Emperors, and Core. 🙂

Now for news from John Jarrold:

Eric Brown’s new deal with Solaris!


Jonathan Oliver, commissioning editor of Solaris Books since the imprint’s acquisition from Games Workshop by Rebellion earlier this month, has commissioned a new SF novel from Eric Brown, GUARDIANS OF THE PHOENIX. The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for UK/US rights. The book is due for publication late in 2010.

“Eric has been a mainstay of Solaris since their very successful publication of his novel HELIX,” said John Jarrold. “This proposal looks fascinating, and I can’t wait to read the finished novel!”

Great news, especially considering the fact that, for a while, everything was so up in the air with Solaris. 🙂

And great news for Jaine Fenn fans!


Jo Fletcher, Associate Publisher of Gollancz, has acquired two new novels by British SF author Jaine Fenn. The agent was John Jarrold, and the deal was for World rights.

These novels, titled BRINGER OF LIGHT and QUEEN OF NOWHERE, are due for delivery in 2010 and 2011 respectively and will be published under the name J N Fenn, as will all the author’s future novels.

Fenn’s first novel, PRINCIPLES OF ANGELS, was published to critical success by Gollancz in 2008, with CONSORTS OF HEAVEN following this year and GUARDIANS OF PARADISE forthcoming in 2010.


Awesome stuff all round! Long Live SF! 🙂


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