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The Macht are Returning: Read a Sample Chapter of Corvus by Paul Kearney

I had another post in mind but when I saw this (via my trusty Google Reader) I knew that I had to share it:

Solaris Books is offering a free sample chapter of Corvus (click the link to pre-order from Amazon US), the sequel to Paul Kearney‘s first Macht novel, The Ten Thousand (reviewed here). Here’s the blurb for you:

It is twenty-three years since a Macht army fought its way home from the heart of the Asurian Empire. The man who came to lead that army, Rictus, is now a hard-bitten mercenary captain, middle-aged and tired. He wants nothing more than to lay down his spear and become the farmer that his father was. But fate has different ideas. A young warleader has risen to challenge the order of things in the very heartlands of the Macht. A soldier of genius, he takes city after city, and reigns over them as king. What is more, he had heard of the legendary leader of the Ten Thousand. His name is Corvus, and the rumours say that he is not even fully human. He means to make himself absolute ruler of all the Macht. And he wants Rictus to help him.

And here’s the cover, in all its awesomeness (yeah, I guess I’m a bit biased – we’re talking Macht here, people!):

Click here for a link to Solaris’ blog, where you’ll be able to download the chapter. I’ve got a feeling that I’m going to be hounding Jonathan Oliver for a copy of this one… 😉

Oh, and just because I’m such a fan of the Macht (these guys are, for me, in the same class as Steven Erikson’s Bridgeburners), here’s the cover for the third novel, the awesomely titled The Kings of Morning:

Cannot wait to disappear into these novels!



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Breaking news! The Macht’s second outing has a provisional title!

Hey guys, exclusive news here! (Thanks Paul!) Straight from Paul Kearney: “Another Macht book is on the cards, provisionally titled Corvus. And that’s an exclusive! cheers, Paul”
I first heard of the second Macht book in the interview that Paul did with Pat, here; since then I’ve been practically itching to hear anything about the Macht again, and Paul has graciously allowed me to break this news! 🙂 But I have to stress this – it’s only a provisional title, 🙂

But there we go! Bring on Corvus!

Check out Paul’s site and join the forums, he’s a great guy who makes an effort to mix with the fans in the forums, and a brilliant writer!

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