Review: Blood Song by Anthony Ryan – Book 1 of Raven’s Shadow

16 Sep

Let me just start off by saying that it has been a long time since I picked up a book and halfway through didn’t wonder what was going on in the other books on my shelf. Also been a long time since I was mad at an author for writing only 500 odd pages and not 800. I’m talking about Blood Song the first book in the Raven’s Shadow.

The story focuses on Vaelin Al Sorna whose father abandons him at the gate of the Sixth Order of the Faith. The Sixth Order being the military arm of the Faith where he starts his training to become a brother of the Order. Training that has seen many a young boy dead and only hardened men emerge.

There are many people he meets though his training and travels, some with more definition to them than others, though my favorite was King Janus as I’m still not sure if he is mad or a genius or if I like or hate him, and his daughter… well like father like eh..daughter. The faith-aspect in this book is different from what I have seen (God is a lie) but it felt normal, since there are both good and bad people in the faith; it’s not bad in itself. The structure is straight forward and the different orders intriguing in the roles they inhabit within the faith.

The book begins where it ends and that made it fun for me. You know were Vaelin will end up, but how he gets there was what made it so much fun. He is given a lot of names by other people e.g. Hope Killer, and the names alone show that there is still a lot that Vaelin has to do (If you believe in prophecy that is).

The world they inhabit (The Unified Realm) feels cold and hard, like we always think the north would be. Even though 90% of the book plays off in the Unified Realm there is not a lot that you know about it and the rest of this world even less. That being said the ending of the book shows that we will learn more about what threatens them and that there will be more traveling that should fill in the blanks.

8 / 10

                                                    Blood Song Anthony Ryan


Well that’s it for now, I don’t want to give too much away with this one as the journey of discovery is really worth it. Just one more thing…READ IT


To order you copies, click here for Amazon US, here for Amazon UK, and here if you’re in South Africa. Also, don’t forget to check out Anthony’s official blog.

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