Aidan Harte’s ‘IRENICON’ Short-listed for Gemmell Award

14 Aug

Hey everyone, I’ve been busy-busy-busy thinking bookish thoughts and yes, I’ve got plenty of reviews coming up, but I thought I’d help spread this great news:

Aidan Harte

‘IRENICON’, Aidan Harte‘s alternate history / epic fantasy début, has been short-listed for the David Gemmell Morningstar Award for Best Début.

Morningstar Award

The river Irenicon is a feat of Concordian engineering. Blasted through the middle of Rasenna in 1347 using Wave technology, it divided the only city strong enough to defeat the Concordian Empire.

But no one could have predicted it would become sentient, and hostile.Sofia Scaligeri, the soon-to-be Contessa of Rasenna, is inheriting a city tearing itself apart from the inside. She can see no way of stopping Rasenna’s culture of vendetta . . . until a Concordian engineer arrives to build a bridge over the Irenicon. He shows her that the feuding factions of Rasenna can continue to fight each other, or they can unite against Concord.

And they will need to stand together – for Concord is about to unleash the Wave again . . .



Praise for IRENICON:

‘If there were stars for world-building Irenicon would be a five plus, no question. Harte brings a level of intelligence to the book that’s impressive’ Jon Courtenay Grimwood, SFX

‘The book is a fountain of gorgeous detail, festooned with enriching codices and enlightening, subtly subsumed exposition. Well written and conceived, we look forward to Harte’s future works with relish’ Sci-Fi Now


Irenicon Gatefold

Check out the full list of short-listed titles over at the Morningstar Page, which include John Gwynne’s ‘Malice’ (reviewed here), and John R. Fultz’s ‘Seven Princes’ (reviewed here). 🙂

Both ‘IRENICON’ and ‘THE WARRING STATES’ are available in South Africa (thanks to Horizon Books via Quercus’ Jo Fletcher imprint) – give your nearest Exclusive Books a call or order online here. 🙂

Don’t forget to VOTE!


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