Spotlight: Devlin Chase and The Vengeful Elements

13 Aug

Hey Everyone,

I’d like to bring a new author and series to the attention of those who like their Paranormal Romance hot, inventive and fast-paced – one of my friends, writing under the pseudonym Devlin Chase, has finally hit Amazon and her work is now open for a much larger audience! 🙂

“Devlin Chase is a British-born writer now living and working in South Africa. She has written South Africa’s first paranormal romance series, The Vengeful Elements.

Vampires, shapeshifters, demons, druids…all with an African twist.

Devlin’s books are available in multiple formats – as traditionally published books as well as electronic eBooks.”

Here’s the cover of the first book in The Vengeful Elements, Captured in Sin:

Catherine De Sano is quite happy with her life, despite the trauma of her childhood. The last thing she needs is to be stalked by a devastatingly sexy man who’s trying to convince her that her life is in danger…that she’s being hunted by a rogue vampire. if it weren’t for the fact that he knows how she spends her evenings she would have had him arrested. Now she’s stuck with him, whether she likes it or not.

Darien Hawkwood has never met such a stubborn young woman before. The fact that she might be the key to an ancient prophecy seems to be having little impact and the instant attraction between them isn’t helping him keep his emotions under control either. But he also knows that he needs her – more than she could ever begin to imagine.

As danger closes in around them and forces of nature are unleashed, Darien will need to turn his back on everything he’s known if he’s to protect Catherine – and give her the chance to fulfil her destiny.

Sound interesting? I thought it would. 🙂 Check out Devlin’s page on Amazon for more info, and check out her website and blog for constant updates on the series. 🙂

Until next time (when I’ll have some some exciting news),


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