Totally Tor & What They’re Reading

04 Nov

Hey Guys and Girls, so more info for you from Irene Gallo. 🙂

I hope you’ve been enjoying Steampunk Fortnight over at Torit ended on Tuesday, but you can count on Steampunk still being covered at 🙂 So check out this link for anything you may have missed.

Also, Towers of Midnight has been on sale since the second! I’m not going to give you links to reviews – there are plenty out there already (and some of them spoilery, too), but Leigh Butler has reviewed Towers of Midnight at Tor. Leigh’s been doing the re-reads of the series, in case you have no idea who I’m talking about. 😉

A new story has been released on Tor – Peter Orullian‘s Sacrifice of the First Sheason (with artwork by Kekai Kotaki); here’s a taster for you:

James Frenkel‘s Introduction:

The story that follows is the first work of fiction set in the Vault of Heaven universe by a new epic fantasy writer named Peter Orullian. Peter has had a few short stories published, but “The Sacrifice of the First Sheason” introduces a world of long, tragic history in which there are no easy answers, and many mysteries that will be revealed, each in its own time, many of them in The Vault of Heaven, a series of novels which Tor will begin publishing with The Unremembered, this coming April.

Following “Sacrifice of the First Sheason,” will publish two more stories set in this universe, and another nine tales will appear on the author’s website, Each of these stories is independent of the novels and of the other stories, though they share the same background.

This first tale takes place long before the action of The Unremembered. Other stories to come will deal with historical events that helped to shape later events in the world’s development that are keys to one or another element of the narrative of The Unremembered or a subsequent novel in the series. But each online story stands completely on its own.
At Tor, we have published quite a number of epic fantasy authors, and I personally have edited a lot of different series, from the multi-layered epics of Kate Elliott’s Crossroads books to the early heroic tales of Terry Goodkind; from David B. Coe’s Forelands and Southlands sagas to the Long Price Quartet of Daniel Abraham…and many others equally memorable. At SF conventions, readers will often ask me which is the epic fantasy that I love the most, but that’s a question I have never been able to answer. It’s like asking a parent which is his favorite child. It’s an impossible question.

They’re all different, of course, each with its own pleasures and rewards. The other question readers ask is what attracts me to the work or one author or another. And that’s not quite as hard to answer: I like what I like. Editors are readers first, and what we like as readers is…well, like any reader, we know when we see something we really like.

When I first read Peter Orullian’s early draft of The Unremembered, I was attracted by the characters, and then by mysteries in the story that made me feel I absolutely had to find out what was going on. Then, as I read more, I realized that I was hooked on his world, which has a rich history and culture, as well as some surprises I couldn’t have anticipated.

I also was fascinated by the unique connection of music to the magic of the world, something that readers will discover in The Unremembered. And there is a passion running through his narrative that is the hallmark of great storytelling. Without the excitement of great storytelling, there is no great epic fantasy.
So here’s the very first story set in Peter Orullian’s world, a tale from early in that world’s history. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Click this link to read the story. 🙂

And here’s the cover to Paul’s forthcoming The Unremembered:

What’s coming up next on Well, for starters, Kij Johnson and her story “Ponies”, coming on November 17th.

There’s plenty more happening on so if you don’t find something interesting to read, you’re probably dead. 😉

As always, check out The Art Department blog for more info about Irene.

Next up, I asked a question this afternoon on Twitter and got some really cool answers – I asked what everyone was reading:

Curtis Jobling is reading The Dead by Charlie Higson, and has Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box and Jonathan Maberry’s The Dragon Factory coming up;

MD Lachlan is reading China Mieville’s The City and the City (a book I need to get to sometime, too);

Matthew Imrie is reading Warren Ellis’ Plague Widow (actually have some of this, need to get to it ASAP);

Paul Smith is reading Cities of the Red Night by William S Burroughs;

Mihai from Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews is reading Jose Eduardo Aqualusa’s The Book of Chameleons and Angelica Gorodischer’s Kalpa Imperial;

Fabio Fernandes is reading what looks like some awesome stuff – Robert J Sawyer’s Calculating God, Nazi Literature in the Americas by Roberto Bolano and A Shadow in Summer by Daniel Abraham (have had this on the TBR pile for a while);

Amanda Rutter (Floor to Ceiling Books) is reading The Girl Who Played with Fire by Stieg Larsson (need to read this series, too);

and finally, Mark Chitty from Walker of Worlds is reading Black Lung Captain by Chris Wooding as well as Red Seas Under Red Skies by Scott Lynch (ah, did you hear that creaking sound? That’s my TBR pile…).

A wide range of books being enjoyed (hopefully!). 🙂

At the moment I’m reading Paul Crilley’s The Invisible Order, MD Lachlan’s Wolfsangel and Steve Augarde’s X Isle, and I’m a happy reader since all the books are great!



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3 responses to “Totally Tor & What They’re Reading

  1. Mark Lawrence

    November 5, 2010 at 12:24 am

    I love the Unremembered cover! I’ve seen it on the sff site too. A pity Amazon haven’t managed to get it on the sales link yet. That’s one I would pick off the shelf on the basis of the cover & it would take only the slightest encouragement from the copy to part me from my cash.

    • Dave-Brendon de Burgh

      November 5, 2010 at 5:52 pm

      Hey Mark, thanks for the visit and the comment! Yep, The Unremembered does have a beautiful cover, looking forward to it! 🙂


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