Robert Redick Lives!

28 Oct

Many of you may have noticed that Robert has been quiet since the end of September, when he posted the UK and US covert art for the third Chathrand Voyage novel, The River of Shadows; well, he’s back, and as entertaining as ever!

On Tuesday passed he posted an update about the intense process that is writing, a company called CHEMIPLASTICA (if you don’t laugh at the end, well, you’ve got a difficult sense of humour to satisfy!), and updates on The River of Shadows and Book IV, The Night of the Swarm. 🙂

Also, Robert’s latest post is not only an interesting read for fans but also a snapshot of just what happens in a writer’s brain when having to make a very difficult but important decision: he gives us all the titles he considered for Book III.

(Amazon US, UK)

(Amazon US, UK)

(Amazon US, UK)

And yes, I am planning to read and review Robert’s work – I’ve got copies of both Book 1 and Book II and just have to damn well get to them – there’s something about an epic fantasy adventure on the sea that really sounds awesome, and I’ll be getting to them soon, hopefully. 🙂

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