Sam Sykes’ The Lost Pages

27 Sep

Saw some pretty damn cool stuff on Sam Sykes’ website this morning: he’s put up a ‘Lost Pages’ section and has filled it with some awesome stuff, including the following –

Pics of Lenk’s supporting cast: Kataria (the awesome, bitchy, all-humans-must-die Shict), Dreadaeleon (the age-afflicted Wizard), Denaos (the shifty can’t-be-pinned-down Han Solo’s-nightmare thief), Asper (the priestess hiding something truly terrifying), Gariath (the massive, brutal, awesome Rhega) and a surprise at the end.

Each pic is accompanied by a journal-entry written by Lenk, leader of these mismatched and always-at-odds adventurers, and other than the pics and the journal entries what interested me the most was the character and circumstances behind the Lost Pages – maybe a hint of things to come? 😉 Check out the Lost Pages here, and here’s a link to the guy who did the character designs.

Either way, for those who’ve read Tome of the Undergates, the Lost Pages are something cool, both visually and also illuminating a bit more of the characters, to tide us over until Black Halo (Book 2) is released.

And I’m seriously looking forward to Black Halo!


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