John Jarrold’s Corner: The Quantum Thief Gathering Praise

25 Aug

Got this info from John Jarrold and I have to say, I’m impressed.

First of all, this is an SF debut, and secondly, the author, Hannu Rajaniemi, is also a string theorist (string theory is kickass, by the way) and a technology consultant – impressive on it’s own!

But here are some snippets from reviews for you to read:

John says: I wouldn’t usually post reviews to reviewers (!) but both Simon Spanton at Gollancz and I are hugely delighted with this listing of encomiums for THE QUANTUM THIEF by JJLA client Hannu Rajaniemi, which Gollancz publish on September 30.

‘If you dropped Greg Egan’s hard physics chops into a rebooted Finnish version of Al Reynolds with the writing talent of a Ted Chiang you’d begin to get a rough approximation of the scale of his talent. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up when I read it. Hard to admit, but I think he’s better at this stuff than I am. And The Quantum Thief is the best first SF novel I’ve read in many years’ CHARLES STROSS

‘A brilliant first novel. The Quantum Thief, like so much of the best space opera of this century, is a prodigy house, where propositions are instant heritage, and arguments are eyeclick’ JOHN CLUTE, STRANGE HORIZONS

‘The mix is something like 40% Dancers at the End of Time and 60% Charlie Stross. The book has Stross’s inventiveness, and deep intelligence, and farseeing imagination, alongside Moorcock’s stylish feel and flow. This is one of the SF novels of 2010 that everybody is talking about; if you have any interest at all in contemporary hard SF you will read it. There will be awards’ ADAM ROBERTS

TQT has been heavily trailed as ‘the’ big SF debut novel of the year. These accounts are correct. The Quantum Thief is a crazy joyride. It’s the sort of book you’d get if Scott Lynch and Greg Egan teamed up, with the characters and black humour of the former mixed in with the hardcore physics of the latter. The story unfolds briskly with barely a pause for breath, the plot is gripping, the ideas complex but thought-provoking, and there are all the requisite shocking revelations and intriguing plot twists you could wish for. The Quantum Thief is a bravura debut novel, a confident and accomplished work that reinvigorates the genre. It is easily the best SF debut since Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon’ THE WERTZONE

‘Comes together piece by piece in the mode of M. John Harrison’s Light – and it’s every bit the equal of that modern-day genre masterpiece. Beneath the science, you see, beneath the staggering speculative wonder of it all, Hannu Rajaniemi has a knack for spare, no-nonsense storytelling that approaches the poetic at times. The Quantum Thief is a revelation, in the end, and make no mistake: we have here the sci-fi debut of 2010’ THE SPECULATIVE SCOTSMAN

I’ve got a copy of The Quantum Thief, so I guess I’d bloody well get to it, huh? 😉


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One response to “John Jarrold’s Corner: The Quantum Thief Gathering Praise

  1. Sarah

    August 26, 2010 at 3:38 am

    Wow, The Wertzone comment about dark humor and Scott Lynch and all that sold me on this book. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

    I’m excited about exploring more Science Fiction. I’m really new to the genre but I think Peter F. Hamilton sold me on it…


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