SFF Trailers of Note

15 Jun

Since I don’t actually have anything for you guys today, I’ll let you have a look at all the cool SFF trailers that have hit the interwebs in the last week or two. 🙂

First off, the most-anticipated (as far as I’m concerned, since ‘The Hobbit’ might not even be seeing movie screens anymore) Fantasy Epic of recent times, A Game of Thrones; HBO released a teaser-trailer on Sunday with the Third Season Premiere of True Blood, and even though it doesn’t show much, it’s made of awesomeness!

Next up, here’s the cinematic trailer for The Force Unleashed 2 – absolutely bad-ASS!

Here’s the trailer for Splice, the movie that ediFanoB guest-reviewed:

And finally, because I’m sure a big Star Wars fan, the second cinematic trailer for Star Wars: The Old Republic:

Hope you enjoyed these! Whether games, movies or TV-series, I’m looking forward to them all! 🙂



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3 responses to “SFF Trailers of Note

  1. AlexJ

    June 15, 2010 at 10:23 pm

    Old Republic should be an awesome game and Splice was one twisted movie.

    • Dave-Brendon de Burgh

      June 15, 2010 at 11:34 pm

      Looking forward to Splice, looks to be my kind of movie. 🙂 TOR though will be awesome, can’t wait!


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