The Desert Spear – In SA in May!

08 Apr

This is, without a doubt, a novel I’ve been eagerly awaiting since I read the last line of The Painted Man by Peter V Brett! 🙂 It’ll be hitting the shelves in South Africa in May, so make sure you get to Exclusive Books and order your copy – based on the sales The Painted Man enjoyed, The Desert Spear is sure to sell out very fast! 🙂 Click here to order your copy from Exclusive Books online.

To get you excited about The Desert Spear, have a look at this book trailer I put together a couple of months ago. 🙂

To order your copies in-store, give the book-shop staff this info: Jonathan Ball are the SA Publishers, and here’s the ISBN: 9780007276165

For the rest of the world, here are the ordering links:

Amazon US, available on the 13th of April, and
Amazon UK, available right now. 🙂

Cannot wait to read this! I seriously hope that Arlen kicks Jardir’s ass! 🙂


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One response to “The Desert Spear – In SA in May!

  1. Seak

    April 8, 2010 at 7:47 pm

    Oh man, I’m already really excited for this book, but that video just put it over the top. The 13th can’t come soon enough. Thanks man.


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