Spotlight: Music to Read SFF By – Corner Stone Cues

08 Jan

I am absolutely NUTS about this group! 🙂 So nuts, in fact, that I created a book trailer for Peter V Brett’s The Desert Spear and used a track by Corner Stone Cues; the music was, in my opinion, absolutely perfect, and as I mentioned to Peat, I really hope this group is considered for the soundtrack of The Warded Man movie. 🙂

Here’s some info about Corner Stone Cues, taken from their MySpace page:

Corner Stone Cues is a music label founded in 2006 that creates a hybrid of classical orchestra, choir, and contemporary instrumentation as score for content and advertising. Our first hit is the title track from “Requiem For A Tower” which was the featured track in the Lord of the Rings Two Towers trailer. CSC released 6 more collections highlighting composers and commercial bands such as Kinky and LISSA. We strive to amplify all the emotion of a single song using trailer and promo composition dynamics to support all visual media, sports, and products. When it can’t possibly get any bigger we get bigger. Rise to a hit. All fan trailers from all social net sites welcome. If you use our music for commercial purposes please inquire here for a license. We love all music and we love you! Support the arts and license a song.

The band consists of the following members:

Veigar Margeirsson, Simone Benyacar, Daniel J Nielsen, Peter Scaturro, Kinky, The Holliston Stops, LISSA, Jennifer Hammond, Daniel Heath, Christopher Tin, Brain, Buckethead, Giant Robot, Stephen Metcalfe, Mark Ford, Joseph Peters, Jane Cornish, Woody Ranere, Juanito Covarrubias, Dave Resnik, Pedro Bromfman, Rob Beaton, and Nathan D Duvall.

Their MySpace page is absolutely filled with info, including videos featuring their music and tracks that you can listen to. So do yourself a favor and check them out. Their music is powerful, intense, epic, soaring, and full-on gooseflesh-inducing! I’m really glad I found this band – their music has made the experience of reading a book absolutely EPIC! 🙂

Now, let’s hope that Corner Stone Cues and John Anealio join forces – imagine that! 🙂

Check out this video for a taste of Corner Stone Cues’ incredible music; it’s something you’ve probably seen, but now you know who’s behind the music! 🙂

Stay EPIC!

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