Spotlight: The Illustrated Guide to Mythical Creatures

01 Jan

This post was originally published over at Realms & Galaxies: Celebrating SFF on the 13th of October 2009.

Here’s some cool info for you all regarding a new illustrated guide that was published last month. 🙂


NEW YORK, NEW YORK) July 2009—Have you ever imagined yourself aboard the Black Pearl with Captain Jack Sparrow, fighting off the giant Kraken? Perhaps you see yourself as a Greek hero, riding Pegasus to kill a fire-breathing Chimera? Or maybe you’ve gotten caught up in the Harry Potter phenomenon and are still trying to learn about Centaurs, Hippogriffs and Basilisks. Whatever your mythical fancy, uncover a world of myth and legend beyond your wildest dreams inside the pages of AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MYTHICAL CREATURES (ISBN: 9780843716696; $15.99; Pub Month: September 2009).

Dare to enter a world of strange and bizarre creatures in which unimaginable dangers and suspense await you! AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MYTHICAL CREATURES is a wondrous introduction to the varied life forms of hearsay found in the myths, legends and folklore of cultures throughout time and across the globe. Featuring a detailed glossary at the back of the book, readers become true mythological experts, fluent in the world of magic and mysticism. From Europe to Africa, Asia to the Americas, a magical world of fantastical creatures unfolds, with the answers to questions like this—and much more!

• Who is the creepy shape-shifter that haunts the mysterious jungles of South America?

• What grotesque creature has the body of a lion and the head of a hawk?

• Why does a monstrous being from Greek mythology have locks of hair made of deadly, writhing snakes?

Using the magic of 3-D computer generated art—the kind used by Hollywood’s top special-effects experts—noted British illustrator David West creates a visually stunning universe, the likes of which you’ve never seen before. MYTHICAL CREATURES is divided into chapters exploring Dragons, Serpents & Worms; Flying Creatures; Chimera; Half-Human, Half-Beast; Water Beasts; Giants; Shape-Shifters; and Demons, Ghouls, & Ghosts. A true magical world, fans of computer generated art and gaming alike will be fascinated by pages of high-tech illustrations virtually leaping off the page.

Whether you are a mythology buff, computer art fanatic, adult or child, AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MYTHICAL CREATURES reveals everything you need to know, from how to defeat an evil, blood-sucking shape-shifter of the night to how to capture the wild and brightly glowing Firebird. Be daring and discover why AN ILLUSTRATED GUIDE TO MYTHICAL CREATURES is the coolest, most visually intense handbook about legendary beings you’ll ever read!

About Langenscheidt Publishing Group

Langenscheidt Publishing Group’s complete catalog is comprised of over 3,000 titles—including the largest selection of travel and language learning products in the world. Berlitz Publishing provides an unparalleled selection of phrasebooks, travel dictionaries, and audio programs. The maps and atlases with the American Map and Hammond World Atlas Corporation brands have long been a staple of students and road warriors in the U.S. LPG also owns several leading regional map and atlas brands including Hagstrom, the #1 brand in the New York metropolitan area, and ADC, the leader in the Mid-Atlantic. Most recently the exclusive North American distribution rights for Michelin Maps & Guides and HF Ullmann, and the U.S. distribution rights for Mobil Travel Guides, were added to Langenscheidt’s list of elite brands. To learn more, please visit

Looks pretty interesting, right? I like the way the guide is set up; attention-grabbing images with just the right amount of info. 🙂 Let’s hope a publisher in SA subs this over! 🙂


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