Goodbye to 2009

31 Dec

We’re a couple of hours away from what will, hopefully, be a massive year! 🙂

Now, I’ve had a look at some things, blog- and stat-wise, and there will be some changes coming up in 2010 – very necessary changes, at that. 🙂 But that’s still a couple of days away in any case.

Looking back on this year, I’m pretty damn satisfied. 🙂

I’ve met some great people who have been helping me with my writing, offers critique and pushing me into avenues that I hadn’t explored; my short story, Bloodheat, was published by Adele over at Un:Bound; and I’ve been writing steadily as well as storing up ideas for more short stories and novels.

I haven’t yet accomplished what I want, though – I wanted to finish a manuscript but am, unfortunately, no where near that yet. So this will be the most important thing for me in 2010. 🙂

So here are my writing-resolutions:

1) To finish a 120000 word manuscript in 2010.

2) To outline at least 2 more novels.

3) To finish all the short stories I’ve started writing and have had ideas for.

4) To get that first manuscript published.

That’s what I want to achieve, and what I have to achieve if I’m going to achieve my dream of being a successful author with two books on the shelves by the time I’m 30. And both sides of the Atlantic too, while I’m at it! 🙂

There you have it. Lofty dreams and goals, but it’s doable, and it’ll take me closer to where I want to be: Retired before I’m forty, writing for the rest of my life. 🙂

I really hope that you all have an absolutely wonderful evening, awesome parties, and that you get to spend this last day of 2009 with all the incredible, amazing and special people in your life. And if you’ve lost loved ones this year, remember, they may not be able to dance and drink and chat and get drunk with you, but they sure as hell will celebrate another year for you to spend on this beautiful planet! 🙂



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