Spotlight: Underland Press’ Wovel

08 Jul

This is not at all a new thing on the Net: since Underland Press began, the Wovel has been running, but for those who don’t know what it is, here’s the low-down:

A Wovel is a web-novel. A specific author is asked to write a new chapter each week (did that come out right? I mean, the same author writes every chapter), but what makes a Wovel completely different to anything else out there is the fact that you, as the reader, get to help decide what comes next! 🙂 So every week you read the new chapter, vote on what you would like to have happen next in the story, and then the votes are counted and the winning plot-line in implemented! 🙂

This is the Wovel that Underland currently have up:


A wovel from Underland Press

by Simon Drax

Start date: June 22, 2009

Mori Kim Marr’s personal force-field of drugs and drink has worn thin: she’s a burned-out teenager in a burned-out world, an Earth wracked by wars and rumors of wars, plagues and disasters, the hopelessness of every human heart. Mori couldn’t care less; just bring her the next fix, please. But when an artificial woman from the 19th century and a boy with psionic powers wander into the smoke and squalor of Mori’s favorite watering hole, gore-drenched violence and city-wide destruction erupts, catapulting Mori and her new-found “friends” into the thick of a battle that began long ago, a war that has raged since before the dawn of civilization, a blood-feud fought and overseen by the sole-survivor of an ancient, pre-human race: Trista Ska Shearn, last of the Cantarans. Trista has been waiting 65,000 thousand years for this, the final battle; she has waited millennia for the glum, sallow teenager, Mori Kim Marr. For Mori is . . . the Exit Vector.

Ancient enemies will clash. Worlds will crumble. The fate of the very universe will be decided in Exit Vector.

SIMON DRAX was born in Gloomy, Massachusetts in 1965. He began the serious pursuit of writing fiction at 14. Drax has worked as a typesetter, graphic artist, bouncer, steel cutter, counselor to severely handicapped children, building supervisor, film critic, and art director. His stories and essays have been published in The Quarterly, Bonesaw, Midnight Zoo, Fever, After Hours, and VideoScope. His novel, A Very Fast Descent into Hell, will be published in 2010 by Underland Press.

    About Underland Press’ Wovel:

Combining the pace of print journalism, the creativity of fiction, and the interactivity of web 2.0, the wovel is a weekly serial with a vote button at the end of each installment. Every Monday, the author posts an installment, usually about five to seven pages in length. At the end of the installment, readers vote on which direction they want the story to take, and the author incorporates the readers’ decision into the narrative.

Past wovels by Kealan Patrick Burke and Jemiah Jefferson have drawn more than 1,000 readers and 14,000 page views a month. Read the first installment of EXIT VECTOR on June 22 at

It’s already started (yes, this post is indeed a bit late), and you can find the first installment here and the second installment here – then remember to keep going back! Not only do you get an intimate view into the creation of a novel, but you participate in its writing! 🙂


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