Spotlight: Heroes – Comic Store

10 Jun

Comic-fans of all ages, come closer! I’m very chuffed to be able to spread the news about this shop – we now have a place to go where we can get the latest issues, back issues that we need, and much more besides! 🙂

Welcome to Heroes!

Yes, the time has finally arrived for comic heroes to shine. Unmistakably within the South African market there is a huge gap when it comes to obtaining quality comics at reasonable prices. Most comic addicts within Johannesburg either have to purchase comics online (in foreign currency) or travel miles to obtain even the most (supposedly) accessible of comics. Well not anymore…


Welcome to the new age of Comic Book accessibility! Cosmic Comics and Artifact Advertising have joined forces to open an exciting and tasteful new comic book shop in the Brightwater commons: Heroes, a concept that will answer the prayers of many a South African superhero fan. The store boasts a wide variety of products including comics, graphic novels, kiddie’s comics, figurines as well as prestigious, highly acclaimed comics for the more serious collectors.


The partnership between leading South African comic distributors, Cosmic Comics and ad agency, Artifact Advertising heralds a new dawn for the industry. The grand opening of Heroes was held at the Brightwater Commons on April 10th- 12th of April. To add to the fun, on the 12th of April, Ethan Van Sciver a famous comic book artist who draws for the Green Lantern comic series was present in the Heroes store to sign autographs for all his fans.


We have more events scheduled throughout the year to ensure the success of Heroes and to keep the comic book enthusiasts entertained. The 2nd of May 2009 is international free comic book day and we aim to celebrate with a massive promotion. Comic book artists shall be brought in to draw beautiful comics, a huge jumping castle for the kiddies shall be erected on the lawn and we shall have comic book heroes walking around the Brightwater Commons causing hype.

So don’t waste another second, all you comic book, superhero fans come and check it out!

The site is up-to-date and attractive, and goes a long way to showing just how proffesional these guys are. They love comics (which is a plus), they want to keep us informed and they want to make it as affordable as possible. 🙂

I’ve been a comic-collector since I was tiny (started with Richie Rich and Archie and Casper and Spooky, graduated to Superman, Batman, Flash, to name but a few) and the one thing that has always been against is the fact that comics never became a big industry here. Even with shops like Outer Limits, it’s a very difficult business to get into and get going, so that’s why I’m telling everyone about Heroes. 🙂

Pop by for a visit! I know I will when I’m in the area! 🙂

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