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09 May


This news from Lee Harris @ Angry Robot Books!

Hey guys and girls, the great folks over at Angry Robot have chosen their first-ever winner of the Website of the Month! 🙂 And the winner is…. (drumroll…)

SF Signal! 🙂 Congrats to the excellent people over at SFSignal – I couldn’t agree more that they definitely run a tight ship there, keeping us up to date with everything to do with SFF! 🙂 Congratulations, SFSignal 🙂

What have they won? Well, keep an eye on their site for the next two or so weeks – hopefully they’ll post the good news there, too, and fill us in on the prizes! 🙂

Once again, congrats! 🙂

Also, Angry Robot has signed a new author! 🙂

We’re over the moon to welcome British science fiction writer COLIN HARVEY to our happy but metallic band. The Bristol-based author has signed up with us for two novels, the first of which – WINTER SONG – will be appearing as soon as October this year, with the second to follow in May 2010.

Colin has for some years been an active contributor British small presses and blogs, and he is a regular reviewer for Strange Horizons, but these novels will mark his debut with a major publisher. His writing manages to combine solid action with a deeper, more reflective style that, when combined, delivers fabulous modern science fiction. The deal was done with his US-based agent, Jenny Rappaport, with the invaluable assistance of the Two Johns at Zeno Literary Agency in London.

Book one, WINTER SONG, sees bio-engineered starship pilot Karl Allman crashing his craft onto a snowy planet inhabited by Viking-like tribes, the remnants of earlier colonisation efforts. As the natives help him find a way back to the stars, he comes to realise that they are far from primitive. That will be followed by DAMAGE TIME, a near-future thriller from a world where America is on its last legs (topical, us?) and being parcelled off between the Chinese and the Muslims. A policeman who specialises in reading the last memories of murder victims comes under suspicion himself…

Colin blogs at Suite 101 and can also be found on Twitter and Facebook.



As always, check out Angry Robot at this link – there’s plenty more news there! 🙂

Be Fantastic!

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