Wheel of Time: The Graphic Novel – News

05 Feb

As reported here, by Dragonmount, and here, by Pat, Dabel Brothers, the guys behind the highly anticipated graphic novel adaptation of The Eye of the World, have released two brand new images from TEoTW! 🙂

When I first saw them, I thought, man, that’s perfect! Those of you who have (and continue) to read the Wheel of Time, especially Book 1 in the saga, will agree with me when I say that these images perfectly capture the mood of the scene! This graphic novel is going to break records! Not only will Wheel of Time fans across the world buy it, order it, buy it again to have spotless, untouched copies 🙂 but I’m sure it will also bring millions more into the world that Robert Jordan created – the quality of the artwork is incredible! 🙂



This image of Rand was done by Seamas Gallagher, and just go ahead and click on his name to go through to his site. Rand looks fearful and brave and alone, even though we know that Bela and Tam are right there with him.



Okay, I would definitely crap my pants if I saw this standing silently behind me. This really brings out the silent menace of the Fade as it watches Rand… Awesome piece! It was done by Jeremy Saliba, and there’s plenty more Wheel of Time stuff when you follow the link! 🙂

And this is the taster! There’ll probably be more images and news coming from Dabel Brothers when they appear at ComiCon! 🙂 Of course, I’ll be stuck in here in SA, so… 😦 Ah well, one day. 🙂

Be Fantastic!

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One response to “Wheel of Time: The Graphic Novel – News

  1. Reggie

    February 6, 2009 at 11:19 pm

    *Jaw hits floor*



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