Poll: Another Malazan Audio Excerpt?

04 Feb

The audio excerpt has been out there for a few days now, and has been pulling in some great views! 🙂 Thanks to everyone who showed an interest and kept on checking, I’m really glad that I got the chance to do it. 🙂

So I got thinking, if I could do another one, would you want to hear it? The next one (if it can be arranged) would of course be Deadhouse Gates. So I set up this Poll so that those who haven’t yet heard the excerpt can give it a listen and make their decision, and those who’ve already heard it can go ahead and have their say. 🙂

I’ll check back in a week or so – that should give me enough time to finish The Modern World by Steph Swainston and get the review ready – and hopefully you’ll all have had your say. 🙂

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