Wheel of Time: Latest News

16 Jan

It seems that an empire is being built. If Red Eagle Entertainment does a good job with the options they’ve purchased -staying true to the content- then the saga written by Robert Jordan will be a house-hold name pretty soon.

I for one applaud this: as a fan of the Wheel of Time, I would love to be able to ask someone if they honestly thought that Moirraine was dead or who the most kickass Forsaken is; but that all hinges upon Red Eagle doing a good job with the movie adaptation of The Eye of the World as well as making games that are true to the world Mr. Jordan created. Goodness knows, there’s enough content in the novels and no need to make up anything more.

On the games side of things, Red Eagle has made a very good move by getting EA Games in on the process. EA will be distributing the games, though, not creating them. Signing the deal tells me that EA have faith in the product, and obviously they must have been told more about what Red Eagle Games will be coming up with than was released with the Press Release; but I still have faith in Red Eagle to accomplish this.

Check out this link; it’ll take you to, where the Press Release was posted. 🙂 Dragonmount has also set up dedicated message boards on which the topics (games and movies) can be discussed. 🙂

Be Fantastic! 🙂

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