The Grasping for the Wind Link-up Meme Song!

03 Jan

This is damn awesome! 🙂 Follow this link and you’ll see what John’s idea led to – it’s a song, written, composed and performed by John Anealio that immortalizes the Link-Up Meme begun by John @ Grasping for the Wind (and let’s face it guys and girls, John deserves all the credit for the idea – I haven’t yet seen something so cool flood the blog-sphere for years!); almost 200 blogs (reviewers for SF/F/H) were collected, and now a song exists! It is incredible!

John Anealio did a wonderful job! Even my girlfriend, who doesn’t read fiction and doesn’t know much about blogging, loved the song when she heard it! 🙂 So follow the link, listen to the song, and let John A and John C know how awesome they are! 🙂

And yes, my 5-month old blog is there! I am honoured! Thanks John A and John C! 🙂

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