Spotlight: Shawn Speakman

19 Dec

You may be wondering why I’m spotlighting Shawn, and may even be wondering who Shawn is. There’s an easy couple of answers to that, and you’ve actually probably seen those answers yourself. 🙂

Shawn is Terry Brooks’ webmaster, the guy who designed Terry’s wonderful website, and has been Terry’s friend for longer than most people nowadays keep friends. 🙂

Shawn is also the man who redid and rejuvenated David Anthony Durham’s website,

Shawn is also the man behind Suvudu, the oft-updated and incredibly topical Random House Blog,

and Shawn is also a writer. 🙂

If it wasn’t for Shawn, I would never have had the chance to send my interview questions to Terry Brooks; I mean, where in your life have you heard of a newbie-blogger (only six-months old!) getting an interview with one of the biggest names and grandmasters of Fantasy? That, my friends, is all thanks to Shawn Speakman. 🙂

So follow this link through to Suvudu, where Shawn tells us about himself, how he discovered Shanarra, the vision he had of a book-cover, meeting Terry, becoming his webmaster, etc. It’s a great post, answering many questions I’ve wondered about myself (but I’ve never asked, because Shawn has already done me a huge favour). 🙂

Fans of Terry Brooks beware – you may just become a fan of Shawn Speakman too. 🙂

Be Fantastic!

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