Evil Ways – Justin Gustainis – Exclusive Excerpt at Bookspot Central!

18 Dec

Hey Guys and Girls, Justin Gustainis contacted me and asked me to do some blatant free publicity for his latest novel – and you know me, I’m happy to help out any author! Getting news out gets more people interested, and that means more sales, and more people reading! 🙂

Justin is the author of Black Magic Woman and, on the 29th of this month (being December), Evil Ways. These two books are the first two in his Quincey Morris Supernatural Investigation series, a series that his publisher, Solaris, is very happy with! So happy, in fact, that Black Magic Woman may even go into a second print run! 🙂

Justin asked me to link to the exclusive at Bookspot Central – Solaris has agreed to let Bookspot Central post an except of a chapter from Evil Ways, so here’s the link! 🙂

Also, here are a few other links:

To check out Justin’s site, click here
and to pre-order from Amazon US, click here. and to pre-order from Amazon UK, click here. and last but not least, here’s a link to Solaris. 🙂

There we go, Guys and Girls! 🙂

Be Fantastic!


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