Spreading the Blog-love!

22 Oct

I’ve already passed the 50th post mark! 🙂 Man, that was really a shocker – I didn’t realize until I posted the short post about ‘My Other Blog’ before this one. 🙂

I thought I would mark the occasion (well, it’s an occasion for me, at least) by doing a post regarding all the doings on the blogs I follow regularly. These are all great blogs, so check them out! 🙂

Blood of the Muse has got info on the author Vince Flynn’s upcoming tour to promote the release of his latest novel, Extreme Measures, plus they’re also reviewing the GRRM / Dabel Brothers project, Wild Cards The Hard Call!

Bookrastination is, for those who didn’t know, the blog of one of author Peter V Brett’s old friends, and in his latest post he’s talking about their trip to Albacon.

Dark Parables has got a post promoting the publication of a brand new title, with info about the author.

Fantasy Book Critic has, as always, got a great post regarding titles that many of us may have missed, and a new review, so if you want reccomendations you can trust (along with mine, that is) check them out. 🙂

Graeme has got a review of Gregory Frost’s Lord Tophet,

My good friend Gustav has got a cool review on his manga-targeted blog, and this is definitely worth a look, because this is a South African manga-lover! Also, on his other tech-blog, he has an interesting post on not being insignificant – both blogs are well-worth a read!

Liz and Mark have got a post concerning the author Kat Richardson, very interesting reading! They also have info about 2009’s Spread the Word campaign. 🙂

Pat has got the latest on his NFL contest with GRRM, plus a new giveaway, plus a post covering the limited edition of Naomi Novik’s Black Powder War. 🙂

Peter V Brett has also got a detailed post on his blog regarding his trip to Albacon, lots of info and pics!

Peter F Hamilton’s blog, though not as regular as fans would like, is always a great read, and this post starts off with info regarding his latest offering (I’m still waiting for my copy, but this is SA) The Temporal Void.

If you want to visit a wacky blog, covering a wide range of topics, head on over to Ashe Hunt’s blog! 🙂

Mark has got some great posts up, covering a new announcement from Amazon, what he’s got on his reading pile (plus a pic of his cute dog, Snoop), and a review!

Fantasy author David Anthony Durham has got a very interesting post, with a link to the original article, about how the process of publishing new authors may just become a bit more difficult – very interesting reading!

And fan-favourite Christie Golden (StarCraft and WarCraft novels, and now Star Wars too!), has got a post up concerning her visit to this year’s Blizzcon.

On the news side, I’m waiting for interviews to come back from Russell Kirkpatrick and Drew Karpyshyn, and soon I’ll have three new reviews for you!

Until then,

Be Fantastic!


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3 responses to “Spreading the Blog-love!

  1. Peat

    October 22, 2008 at 8:56 pm

    Great stuff Dave, but how am I supposed to get any work done when you keep feeding my blog addiction?

  2. Jay

    October 23, 2008 at 12:12 am

    Hey Dave,
    Thanks for the shoutout to my blog. I’ll be sure to add yours to my blogroll as well as check in regularly. You’re the man!


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