Giveaways! (Not mine, unfortunately) :-)

22 Sep

Hey guys and girls, Blood of the Muse has got an insanely cool giveaway on the go – you can win an autographed copy of Karen Traviss’ Star Wars: Republic Commando: Hard Contact! I almost started foaming at the mouth when I saw this one! 🙂 Plus, if you’re a blogger, and promote the competition on your blog, you get two entries!! 🙂 So, check out the link and enter the competition, though I thought I’d just say that since the giveaway ends on the 10th of October, I might just be lucky enough to win it because the 10th is my birthday! 🙂 Well, one can hope! Anyway, here’s the link:

Well, there we go, Oh yè, I forgot to mention that I still need to read Neal Stephenson’s Anathem too (that is a huge thick book to have waiting!). 🙂 But I’m just blabbing now, and I need to get to work, so cheers!

Also at Blood of the Muse, you can win an autographed copy of Greg Bear’s Quantico! I’m entering the competition, so yoi’ll also need to enter if you don’t want me to win! 🙂 Hehehehe. Here’s the link:

Be fantastic!

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