Books that I’m reading at the moment

29 Aug

I thought I’d do this post since I don’t have anything interesting to blog about at the moment. 🙂 (This is really weird; as I’m typing this I’m listening to Disturbed’s new album, and the song of the moment began with a background-sound of rain falling, and I actually felt like I was getting cold, thought I could smell the rain!)

Anyway, before I started this blog, I was on my second read-through of both The Wheel of Time and The Malazan Book of the Fallen: About sixty pages into Lord of Chaos and around forty pages into Memories of Ice. Since then, I’ve read Peter’s debut, Jo’s debut, David’s fantasy, and now I’m reading The Name of the Wind. I’m not even going to mention the author (since if you read fantasy and you haven’t heard of this book yet, you need to push that rock off you and get back to the world 🙂 ), and the book is incredible so far.

Patrick completely threw me for a loop when he switched from 3rd to 1st person, but hell, now I find myself craving the 1st while reading 3rd and craving 3rd while I’m reading first! 🙂 Now what I mean? The man is a brilliant writer, and I can’t wait to get my review for this book done! 🙂

After that? Well, I hope to have Karen Traviss’ Wess’har  Wars series in hand, so I’ll be reading that. 🙂 If I don’t yet have those books, I’ve got a few others waiting (and hopefully more on the way from the publishers), but yè, there’s my plan of action for the next few weeks.

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