Okay, so I’m a Star Wars fan…

26 Aug

… but man, it’s crap being a Star Wars fan and living in South Africa! 😦 I mean, look at my situation – the Legacy of the Force series has already ended, and I haven’t even read Invincible yet! Probably only getting my copy in Jan or Feb! 😦 At least we’re getting the paperback versions of Death Star, and Coruscant Nights 1 & 2, as well as some Clone Wars stuff (I will have to order Karen Traviss’ The Clone Wars & Republic Commando: Order 66 in hard cover, other wise I’ll be waiting a few more months! :-()

What point am I getting at? Well, Peter’s The Painted Man is being released on the first of September, and we here in SA are getting it in September. Now, how does that work? How is one publisher able to send out stock when the book is released and a different publisher isn’t? Okay, okay, the buying of rights and all that I understand, but come on, this is Star Wars we’re talking about! 😦

I’m just glad I didn’t start reading The New Jedi Order from when R.A. Salvatore’s Vector Prime was published – a 19-book saga over 5 years in SA? Hmph! More like 10 years! We’ve got between a 3 and 5 month wait till when the books arrive here, and that is if they are brought in by our publishers. Something’s wrong, man, definately.

Anyway, I’m just glad I’ll be able to get The Painted Man in September, like everyone else. 🙂

Now if only I can get a signed copy… 😉

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