A short but cool update.

12 Aug

First off, I’m still patiently waiting for Peter Brett to email me the anwers to the interview questions I sent him. 🙂 I cannot blame or fault him – after all, Cassandra must be keeping her parents pretty busy. 🙂 But once again, I’ll have that up here as soon as I get it back from him.

Next up, I finished reading Acacia last night – WOW! There I was, half-past nine in the evening, thinking I was going to sit down and read two or three chapters before climbing in next to my girlfriend (from here on, I’ll refer to her by her name, which is just fair – Leana)… but do you think that happened? Ohhh no, because Mr Durham wrote such a bloody good book that I sat there reading for four hours and twenty minutes until I finished it! 🙂 Every chapter ended with such a damn cliff-hangeresque sentence that I had to carry on reading! 🙂 Anyway, I’ll be sending David the questions for his interview tomorrow, and I’ll post my review here tomorrow. 🙂

And tomorrow will also be the day that I’m sending Dr. Ben Bova his interview questions, so hopefully I get those back ASAP, which will be incredible. It’s amazing (and stunning) to think that I’ll have such a legend on this blog!

Okay, so that’s the update. 🙂

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