In this coming week:

10 Aug

In this week coming, I’ll be doing the interview with Dr. Ben Bova. He’s been at the convention in Denver and asked me to send him the interview questions from tomorrow (11/08) onwards, so I’ll be doing that and posting the interview as soon as I get it back from him.

And hopefully Peter Brett will have had enough time to answer the interview questions I sent him – should be getting that back from him this week. 🙂 BTW, here is the confirmed Hard Cover US edition of Peter’s excellent fantasy novel:

The Warded Man Hard Cover US Edition

The Warded Man Hard Cover US Edition

Looks awesome, but I like the UK edition, probably because it was the edition I read. But still, this reminds me of the Wheel of Time covers, the UK editions mind you; it’s not complicated, with a symbol immediatly identifiable with the story, it’s still very cool. 🙂
Okay, thata’s it! Hopefully I’ll have Peter Brett’s interview tomorrow, and then it’ll be Dr. Ben Bova’s turn! 
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